newborn photoshoot

Little Liwa came in for her newborn photo shoot when she was just a week old, or so. She absolutely loved being wrapped up for her newborn photo shoot- as all babies do. In fact, she really didn’t take well to being unwrapped at all- and she let me know all about it!

So instead of the beanbag poses I would normally, we stuck with wrapped shots. She loved feeling safe with the pressure of a wrap, or basket, or Mommy’s hands.

This time when they fit so snugly into your hands, when they sleep what feels like all day (and then awake what feels like all night), is over before you know it.

Newborn photo shoots capture sweet baby’s at this precious, never-to-be-repeated time. They give you something to remember, when your sleep deprived brain cannot.

I love taking pictures os sweet babes, and this fleeting time. You can find more of my work on FB, and I’d love to welcome you to my cosy in-home studio in Reading, Berkshire, England. Get in touch!

When do I book a newborn photo shoot?

The best time to book is at the beginning of your second trimester. We book based on your due date. I can only accommodate a limited number of newborn photo shoots. But don’t worry! I keep space available to accommodate natural deliveries: as my gynaecologist once told me: “The only thing to expect with obstetrics, is to expect the unexpected”

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