Family Day trip to London (Family photographer)

London tower Bridge

Being a family photographer based in Reading, Berkshire, means I am just a short 25 minute trip to London. A couple months ago we did a quick little day trip into London. I absolutely love London. I love the pace, the buildings, the scenery. And it was so fun walking down Regent Street, where I worked- in 1997!

I didn’t take a ton of pictures (which I regret… and is so typical… the professional family photographer, who doesn’t take photos of her family.. how ironic!)

Anyway,  here are some photos- the rubbish ones are taken with my iPhone. See..  professional cameras really are brilliant lol. But, any picture is better than no picture.

Love that, being a family photographer based in Caversham, means I am a mere short 25 min train ride from London. Accessible, baby!

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