Just like choosing a wedding photographer is an important decision, so is choosing a newborn photographer.

This season of your life cannot be repeated (well, not with the current baby, anyway). Your newborn photographer will be responsible for capturing a very fleeting, and even somewhat vulnerable time of your life.

Hormones are all over the place, you’re potentially sleep deprived. So making the decision early on which photographer to use to photograph your newborn is vital. And then choosing the RIGHT one for YOU, also crucial.

So how do you choose your newborn photographer?

When deciding which newborn photographer to photographer your baby, here are a few tips to help decide if they’re the newborn photographer for you:

  1. Their portfolio: Do you love it? Do you want to see those kinds of pictures hanging on your walls? Please don’t choose a newborn photographer, and then show them tons of images of someone else’s work, and ask them to do that kind of work.
  2. Consistency: Does their body of work show a consistent look and feel, and their posing consistent?
  3. Professionalism: Did they get back to you on time? As their demeanour professional? Are the documents they give you thought out? Do they get you to sign a contract, send you an invoice? All those elements that make them a real business
  4. Personality: In your communication with them, do you feel you like them? You and your newborn photographer are potentially going to be in (potentially) a small space, for a good few hours, if they irritate you in their initial communication, what do you think those 2-4 hours are going to be like?

As a newborn photographer, one of the elements I am mindful of when photographing these tiny humans, is all their tiny details.

Macro photography is basically closeup photography: so I take details of their eyelashes (some of them are admirably long), their tiny toes (like little sausages), and their beautiful delicate lips.

You can find more of my newborn work on Instagram, and I’d love to welcome you for your a shoot in my cosy in-home studio in Caversham, Berkshire, England. Get in touch!

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