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I have heard several versions of this statement over the years. Cameras these days are so sophisticated… even that phone you carry in your pocket can take amazing photos.

So the question is, are photographers even a necessity anymore? Obviously, being a photographer, I’m going to say yes. But it beggars the question: Why?

First of all, photographers don’t just take pictures. My job as a photographer goes far beyond “just pressing the button”. I mean, I brush my teeth twice a day: that doesn’t make me a dental hygienist. I also self-medicate my whole family of 6 when we’re a little sick: but that doesn’t make me a doctor. You see where I am going with this, right?

Often, the professional photographer is the story-teller, the stylist, the director, the picture-taker, and the editor, and sometimes even interior designer. If you are being promised the images straight out of the camera (SOOC), then you are not being serviced by a proper professional. Even at the most basic level every image needs to be edited, to simply take it from a RAW image to a jpeg format, with some colour, depth and contrast. That’s an edit.

And don’t get me started on the phrase “wow, you have a nice camera, it must take nice images”. Your phone takes nice images too… but go look at your camera roll: it takes a whole lot of really rubbish images too. The difference between the two? A good photographer.

Someone who understands light, and how to utilise this “machine” to its best ability. That is a SKILL. And that skill is one of the things that separates the professional from the amateur.

And then there’s the editing. Oh, the editing. First off, the professional really does try get it all right in camera. Obviously, the less editing after the photo shoot I can do, the better. It means my turnaround is faster, and I can spend less time behind the computer, and more time behind the camera. Because that’s my ultimate love. But sometimes images need a little love to take them from great to amazing. Sometimes skin needs a touch up. Sometimes that red bin in the background of your photo is screaming out to be removed. And then a professional can do all of that, and more.

The beauty of the editing, is that is it something that can be outsourced. I don’t outsource my images to be edited: but I do offer the service of being an editor for other photographers. So here’s some little before and after magic:

The above images are courtesy of the amazing Chantelle Marais Photography.

Suffice to say, like with most things in life: you get what you pay for. And for a proper professional photography service, quality does come at a price point. But  remember: anything great is worth investing.

And if you would like to outsource your editing, or maybe you want training on how to edit in Lightroom and Photoshop yourself, please contact me. I’d love to help, and I can work with you online, so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world!

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