About Taryn

Hi! My name is Taryn. I am a lover of art, of beautiful things, and of family. I feel that family is both wonderful and messy, and that our time here is so fleeting, but so important.

Whether you’ve just become a family, or whether your children have flown the nest, I believe your life is worth capturing, worth documenting; and that creating images that take your breath away, in every stage of your family’s life, is both important, and possible.

I have used my camera to document both the lives of my family of 6, and other families, for over 15 years. Whether it’s your tiny new baby, or your crazy extended family, I take the time to know you so that I can create authentic, personal images that tell the story of who you are right now.

I treasure family. I married my knight in shining armor in 2001, and we’ve been blessed with 5 beautiful children: four fantastic boys, and a precious daughter, who now resides in Heaven. What I have learnt along the way, is how special a picture is: it holds your history, it is proof of your memories, reminders on your wall of all that you have that is precious in the world. You do this not only for you – but for your children, and all the generations that follow. Because one day, a picture is all that you may have left of someone you love; and then there is no amount of money in the world that will be too much for that precious gift of a photograph.